Antigravity and You!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Antigravity - And so it shall be done!

To add more levity to the subject, there is a collaborative effort by a few private groups who are joining forces to create a network which will enable alternative energy & antigravitic propulsion concepts to be produced at quantum leaps ahead of the corporate world. By networking our groups and integrating these technologies tegether, we could accomplish in a very short amount of time what takes decades for others to develop! These groups are; American Antigravity, SEAS Power, Teslatech, & NEC (just to name a few.) This network idea to unite these private groups together and provide a community in which they can live & work together and share resources, is something I have dedicated my life to support. Now that this is comming into reality I can only say that if not for the internal support of the members of TAP-TEN Research and our affiliates, none of this would have ever succeded otherwise. Ref: The Ranch in Northern Arizona I would really like to see a roundtable discussion with the leaders of these groups as they are a very supportive 'backbone' to Dr. Greer's Campaign.

---Gary Voss


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