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Saturday, September 23, 2006

FSHOD - Fearlessly Seeking Honest Open Disclosure

FSHOD - Fearlessly Seeking Honest Open Disclosure

Getting back to the "Ranch" Project, it is apparent that you really have no idea as to what they are capable of... Have you pondered the "upside" to what this may bring?

"The more we learn, the more we realize how little we know"


At 8:50 AM, Blogger scarletm said...

Dear Mr. Voss,
It is an honor that you came by our little corner of the world. Please understand that I really have no objection per se to what you and your organization are trying to do. In fact we at FSHOD really support the whole free energy/tesla/anti grav movement. I completely understand your need for money right now. What I think that many of us object to, or let's say fear, is that this thing is somehow gonna end up being corpratized to the point of dilution. Once you have a board of directors, you have a board of dictators, money and profitability become the new goal and real science is abandoned. How do you propose to not let all that get in the way? I'm not arguing for communism, but perhaps for responsible capitalism.
Most of my distaste really has nothing at all to do with your project, but some lingering ill feelings toward Richard Hoagland. FSHOD is the "love child" if you will of Richard's original enterprisemission blog experiment.
We are what's left of some of the core bloggers that went on to form our own group after we were unceremoniously abandoned by Richard. His prerogative, certainly, but as far as his advertising potential, we certainly helped boost those numbers. Frankly, we feel we were used. Had he said a simple good bye, or simply told us to buzz off, that would have been fine.We at least would have known where we stood, but as it was he left all swinging in the breeze, after several months of lively and what we thought genuinely good work.
Hence we have seen his website, a once exciting and informative jewel,go to nothing more than a self promotion tool only asking for $$$. Again, his prerogative, but horrible PR.

I encourage you to please email our administrator, SunKing at and become a member so that you can state your goals and clarify what it is you really would like to accomplish here. I have posted your video, but to hear from you directly would be an honor for us.

Most sincerely,

Founding Member of FSHOD

At 1:24 PM, Blogger coqui said...

Hello Mr Voss,

Thanks for visiting our blog.
I am another of those former Enterprise bloggers, still with FSHOD, and I second all that Scarlet said.


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